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Sen. Edward Kennedy’s death, like Michael Jackson’s, leaves the media in a tizzy over his life’s work

August 26, 2009

2 interesting notions regarding the media “echo chamber” coverage of both icons. Both men had questionable historical events (Chappaquiddick for Kennedy, child molestation charges for Jackson), and came from verbally abusive & famous families. Second, both men had a lifetime of public service which shaped and formed this country. The media is now focusing on the latter route to honor Edward Kennedy’s passing. They are unabashedly doing this in order to promote the Obama Healthcare (i.e. ‘Socialism for all under Elitist Rule by few’) agenda, Nancy Pelosi has been quick to not let her crisis of opportunity pass. Sending out emails, and making collaborative statements with Steny Hoyer.

“Ted Kennedy’s dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration.”

I do hope Pelosi means reform and not government takeover like Democrat-controlled House and Senate has proposed, which I might add—is patently against the wishes of the Majority (i.e. the “People”) in this time of explosive democracy. Simple reform, I believe, would not fulfill the life-long wishes of Senator Kennedy though. As an unabashed far-left liberal for decades, he did not support expanding S-Chip and Medicaid to cover the 15 million uninsured (the rest are rolling numbers, young people who don’t buy insurance, rich people who don’t buy insurance, and illegal aliens). He didn’t support tort reform, and easy, cost-effective fixes like mandating more regulation on insurance companies regarding premiums and pre-existing conditions (the same “okay, we’ll fix” the Insurance Industry already gave assurance on during one of Obama’s secret healthcare “let’s bring the special interests to the table and do by them so they don’t turn on us” meetings. Ted may not have signed onto healthcare reform which broke the barriers of state lines allowing more competition to drive down cost. The only plan Ted wanted was Barack Obama’s plan. Obama, who (I guess) is thought of as the “last Kennedy brother” (thanks Chris Matthews).

“…throughout his final illness, Sen. Kennedy was privileged to have the best doctors and the best treatment. But he never forgot, in this as in all cases, those who were not similarly privileged. For their sake, health care reform was the cause of Ted Kennedy’s life. For their sake, and his, it must be the cause of ours.”

From the above Steny Hoyer statement, you might infer how elite the treatment Ted recieved was. I specifically use the word elite because under Obamacare, that treatment option would only be designated to the elite. The plebs would be penalized for making a choice outside government mandate, like in Great Britain.

Kennedy went to the best doctor in the nation for his “particular” tumor. It is private coverage of choice and freedom that allows these tiny hopeful miracles in the hearts of families during hard times. For all his “life’s cause”, Sen. Edward Kennedy used the principles of free-market, with absolutely no government intervention as his course of treatment. Cynical liberals might say, those without insurance can’t afford “any” treatment. Ah-ah-ah—not so fast! The Republican, moderate Democrat, and Independent method of reform champions the measures outline above, which are categorically rejected by liberals like Obama, Pelosi, Hoyer, Dean, Kerry, Reid (pretty much all of the Democrat leadership in the public limelight).

Now, I ask, which is more compassionate? Since compassion is the tome of far-left proposed government expansion. Without the Democrat leadership, and Obama willing to work with America and her representatives, what are we to make of this plan?

Gov. would OK law change for Kennedy successor (AP)

BOSTON — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said Wednesday he would support changing state law to allow him to appoint an interim successor to Sen. Edward Kennedy’s seat while a special election is held.

Unlike most states, a successor to a vacant U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts is chosen by special election, not appointed by the governor.

The AP article highlights an initiative by Kennedy in his last hours to retain that 60th seat in the Senate for express purposes of voting his support of Obamacare. The least compassionate, fast-track bankrupting plan written to shift the balance of power eternally to the Elites (the haves), preferably Democrats, and institute what amounts to a dictatorship. (i.e. 1-party domination) Using the illegals as leverage, and and under sneaky fascism already enacted by the leftist Obama.

This same law, Kennedy sought to create in 2004, and succeeded. When, reader, we are reminded that Kerry was a senator in need of “replace” once [hopefully] nominated President, and Republican Governor Romney was legally deemed the appointer. Kennedy worked hard to get the appointment out of Romney’s hands… He has possibly succeeded in overturning his own legislation, if we are to take this AP article at face value.

Kennedy, it was said, was a great champion of civil rights. His genuine-hearted cause ended up with the creation of Affirmative Action, a hotly contested initiative that tends to demoralize and trivialize the capabilities of minorities rather than uphold them equally to caucasians.

Kennedy’s public role in examining Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas left many in America with the initial shock of Liberal Politics template we see in play today, the turn from professional respect to wage politics of personal destruction had never been implemented in the mainstream until that time, and Bork and Thomas’ families suffered greatly.

Obama and Ted Kennedy
Kennedy’s work on expansion of welfare was scaled back by President Bill Clinton, probably causing a rift between the Clinton and Kennedy clans that lasted through election, 2008. Both Clinton and Carter were moderate Democrats compared to Kennedy’s leftism. It is terrible to have a public life snuffed out, part of an era, no less. Barack Obama is now to carry out the far-left template & implementation of Edward Kennedy’s “life’s work”. Let us hope President Obama can reach across the aisle and author bipartisan legislation, which had always been very important to Senator Edward Kennedy.

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  1. August 26, 2009 at 11:16 PM

    I wish everyone would stop saying there sorry to me LOL. good work M2, and glad to have you back among the postings, Karma

  2. m2
    August 27, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    well actually I know what you mean. I think I’ve captured the “echo chamber” of media and dissected the subject of Healthcare as seen by Kennedy and Barack. In that light, I don’t need to say anything to you! LOL…

    It was OBVIOUS Kennedy backed Barack Obama’s approach to Healthcare.

    Because he labored to undo his OWN Legislation!! So he can get Obama’s 60th vote to be Democrat-Obamacare approve. I don’t agree with politics of opportunism. AT ALL.

    Secondly, they probably won’t use the 60-number, they’re going to go for Reconciliation, (typically last resort for contentious budget passage).

    Thanks Karm!

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